Trophy winners

Trophy type Winner Sort descending Year Detail 1 detail 2 detail 3
British Open Alan Barnes 1996
British Open Alan Barnes 1995
Presidents Allan Barnes 1998 205 kms
Alvin Russell Allan Barnes 1998
Presidents Andy Cowley 1995 Services
Keith Cockcroft Andy Hollidge 2000
Keith Cockcroft Andy Hurst 2010
Keith Cockcroft Andy Scott 2009
Presidents Angus Pinkerton 2008 Services
UKNXCL Pilot Anthony Stephens 2010
UKNXCL RBygott Anthony Stephens 2010
Presidents Ben Philpott 2014 158.13km
Keith Cockcroft Ben Philpott 2012
UKNXCL RBygott Bill Scott 1993
Presidents Bob Calvert 1982 112 miles
Presidents Bob Calvert 1980 79 miles
Alvin Russell Bob Calvert 1983
Alvin Russell Bob Calvert 1982
Alvin Russell Bob Calvert 1980
Alvin Russell Bob Calvert 1979
UKNXCL DLoxely Brian Palfreyman 1992 Flatlanders 36.62 miles
Alvin Russell Brian Wood 1977
UKNXCL DLoxely Bruce Goldsmith 1989 Isle of Wight 44.63 miles
Alvin Russell Bruce Goldsmith 1992
Alvin Russell Bruce Goldsmith 1991
UKNXCL Pilot Bruce Kavanagh 2008
Jim Taggart Bruce Kavanagh 2008
Presidents Bruce Kavanhagh 2009 201km
British Open Bruce Kavanhaugh 2008
UKNXCL Club Camb Aerotow 2008 Andy Hollidge Charlie Richardson Wilson Convery Bruce Kavanagh
UKNXCL Club Cambridge Aerotow 2017 Andy Hollidge Andy Keyte Charlie Richardson Richard Hunt
UKNXCL Club Cambridge Aerotow 2021 3341.39 pts Steve Blacker : Andy Hollidge : Darren Brown : Marek Pisarek
UKNXCL Club Cambridge Aerotow Club 2020 Hollidge Andy, Pisarek Marek, Keyte Andy,Hunt Richard
Presidents Carl Wallbank 2015 338 km
Presidents Carl Wallbank 2012 276km
Presidents Carl Wallbank 2011 196km
Presidents Carl Wallbank 2003 224km
Alvin Russell Carl Wallbank 2016
Alvin Russell Carl Wallbank 2015
UKNXCL Pilot Carl Wallbank 2016
UKNXCL Pilot Carl Wallbank 2015
UKNXCL RBygott Carl Wallbank 2016
British Open Carl Wallbank 2006
Jim Taggart Carl Wallbank 2006
UKNXCL RBygott Carl Wallbank 2021 766 pts
UKNXCL Pilot Chris Ashman 2005
UKNXCL Pilot Chris Ashman 2004
UKNXCL Pilot Chris Ashman 2004
UKNXCL Pilot Chris Ashman 2000
UKNXCL Pilot Chris Ashman 1996
UKNXCL RBygott Chris Ashman 2005
UKNXCL RBygott Chris Ashman 2004
UKNXCL RBygott Chris Ashman 2000
UKNXCL RBygott Chris Ashman 1996
British Open chris ashman 1994
Presidents Chris Corston 1976 Services
Alvin Russell Corona Virus 2021
UKNXCL Club Dales 1984 P Hargreaves R Bailey T Birbeck T Spirling
UKNXCL Club Dales 1983 R Bailey T Spirling T Fillingham B Bankes-Jones
UKNXCL Club Dales 1982 R Bailey R Harrison J Brown J Stirk
UKNXCL Club Dales 1981 R Bailey R Harrison Brown J Stirk
UKNXCL Club Dales 1980 R Bailey D Harrison R Harrison J Brown
Jim Taggart Darren Brown 2017
UKNXCL DLoxely Darren Smith 2019 Suffolk Coastal Floaters 71.16km
British Open Dave Cooper 2018
British Open Dave Mathews 2009
UKNXCL Pilot Dave Matthews 2014
Alvin Russell Dave Matthews 2010
UKNXCL Pilot Dave Matthews 2006
British Open Dave Matthews 2017
UKNXCL RBygott Dave Matthews 2014
UKNXCL RBygott Dave Matthews 2011
UKNXCL RBygott Dave Matthews 2008
UKNXCL RBygott Dave Matthews 2006
Jim Taggart Dave Matthews 2016
Jim Taggart Dave Matthews 2011
Jim Taggart Dave Matthews 2007
UKNXCL DLoxely Dave McEwen 1995 North Norfolk 75.29km
Alvin Russell Dave Shields 2009
Keith Cockcroft David Barber 1996
UKNXCL Pilot David Draper 1991
UKNXCL Club Derbyshire 1994 Len Hull Richard Carter Chris Ashman Craig Dolwin
UKNXCL Club Derbyshire 1989 Gordon Rigg Noddy Knowles Justin Needham Judy Leden
Keith Cockcroft Donnie Carson 2016
UKNXCL DLoxely Edmund Potter 1996 Norfolk 88.47km
UKNXCL DLoxely Edmund Potter 1985 Suffolk coastal floaters 77.4 miles
UKNXCL RBygott Edmund Potter 1997
UKNXCL Club Foot and Mouth 2001
UKNXCL DLoxely foot and mouth 2001 - -
UKNXCL Pilot Foot and Mouth 2001
UKNXCL RBygott Foot and Mouth 2001
British Open foot and mouth 2001
UKNXCL DLoxely Garry Hume 1988 Eastern Airsports 46.99 miles
Alvin Russell Gary Wirdnam 2011
Jim Taggart Gary Wirdnam 2009
Presidents Gordon Rigg 2007 239km
Presidents Gordon Rigg 1989 152 miles
Alvin Russell Gordon Rigg 2012
Alvin Russell Gordon Rigg 2007
Alvin Russell Gordon Rigg 2006
UKNXCL Pilot Gordon Rigg 2007
Alvin Russell Gordon Rigg 2004
Alvin Russell Gordon Rigg 2002
Alvin Russell Gordon Rigg 2001
UKNXCL Pilot Gordon Rigg 2003
Alvin Russell Gordon Rigg 2000
Alvin Russell Gordon Rigg 1997
Alvin Russell Gordon Rigg 1996
UKNXCL Pilot Gordon Rigg 1998
UKNXCL Pilot Gordon Rigg 1989
UKNXCL RBygott Gordon Rigg 2019 308.65 points Derby
British Open Gordon Rigg 2016
British Open Gordon Rigg 2013
UKNXCL RBygott Gordon Rigg 2003
UKNXCL RBygott Gordon Rigg 1992
Jim Taggart Gordon Rigg 2014
Jim Taggart Gordon Rigg 2013
Jim Taggart Gordon Rigg 2002
British Open Gordon Rigg 2021
Jim Taggart Graham Phipps 2015
Jim Taggart Graham Phipps 2005
Alvin Russell Graham Slater 1985
British Open GrahamPhipps 2007
Alvin Russell Grant Crossingham 2019
Alvin Russell Grant Crossingham 2018
Alvin Russell Grant Crossingham 2017
Alvin Russell Grant Crossingham 2014
Alvin Russell Grant Crossingham 2013
Alvin Russell Grant Crossingham 2008
British Open Grant Crossingham 2019
British Open Grant Crossingham 2012
British Open Grant Crossingham 2011
British Open Grant Crossingham 2005
British Open Grant Crossingham 2004
Jim Taggart Grant Crossingham 2012
Jim Taggart Grant Crossingham 2004
Jim Taggart Grant Crossingham 2021
Keith Cockcroft Grant Crossingham 1999
Presidents Henry Blackshaw 2006 202km
UKNXCL Pilot J Flynn 1985
Keith Cockcroft Jamie Cannon 2007
Presidents Jason Board 1993 169kms
UKNXCL Pilot Jason Board 1993
Percy Moss Jenny Auckland 1998
Percy Moss Jenny Buck 2009
Percy Moss Jenny Buck 2008
Percy Moss Jenny Ganderton 1987
Presidents Jeremy Soper 2019 134.39km
UKNXCL Pilot Jeremy Soper 2020 384pts
UKNXCL RBygott Jeremy Soper 2020 77pts
UKNXCL DLoxely Jerry Bewick/Rob Fox 1999 Suffolk Coastal Floaters 54.81km
British Open jerry pack 1992
UKNXCL RBygott Jerry Pack 1991
Alvin Russell Jes Flynn 1989
Presidents Joan M Lane 1983 Services
UKNXCL Pilot Johhny Carr 2012
Presidents John Aldridge 2010 Services
Presidents John Aldridge 2001 Services
UKNXCL DLoxely John Cardiff 1994 Dunstable 87.87km
Presidents John Pendry 1984 130 miles
Alvin Russell John Pendry 1995
Alvin Russell John Pendry 1990
Alvin Russell John Pendry 1986
Keith Cockcroft Johnathan Howes 2018
Alvin Russell Johnny Carr 1981
UKNXCL RBygott Johnny Carr 2017
UKNXCL RBygott Johnny Carr 2012
Presidents Jonathan Stirk 1981 83 miles
Percy Moss Judy Leden 1990
Percy Moss Judy Leden 1989
Percy Moss Judy Leden 1988
Percy Moss Judy Leden MBE 1992
Percy Moss Judy Leden MBE 1991
Presidents Justin Needham 2002 174 km
Presidents Justin Needham 1997 182km
Presidents Justin Needham 1991 116 miles
Alvin Russell Justin Needham 2003
UKNXCL Pilot Justin Needham 1999
UKNXCL Pilot Justin Needham 1997
UKNXCL Pilot Justin Needham 1995
UKNXCL RBygott Justin Needham 2018 386.08 points
British Open Justin Needham 2014
British Open Justin Needham 2003
British Open Justin Needham 2000
UKNXCL RBygott Justin Needham 1999
British Open Justin Needham 1999
UKNXCL RBygott Justin Needham 1998
UKNXCL RBygott Justin Needham 1995
Jim Taggart Justin Needham 2019
Jim Taggart Justin Needham 2018
Percy Moss Kathleen Rigg 2003
Percy Moss Kathleen Rigg 2002
Percy Moss Kathleen Rigg 2001
Percy Moss Kathleen Rigg 2000
Percy Moss Kathleen Rigg 1999
Percy Moss Kathleen Rigg 1996
Percy Moss Kathleen Rigg 1995
Percy Moss Kathleen Rigg 1994
Percy Moss Kathleen Rigg 1993
Percy Moss Kathy Rigg 2018
Percy Moss Kay Simpson 1986
UKNXCL DLoxely Keith Matthews 2012 Suffolk Coastal Floaters 59.0km
UKNXCL DLoxely Keith Matthews 2011 Suffolk Coastal Floaters 54.78km
UKNXCL DLoxely Keith Matthews 2010 Suffolk Coastal Floaters 82.61km
UKNXCL DLoxely Keith Matthews 2008 Suffolk Coastal Floaters 79.23km
UKNXCL DLoxely Keith Matthews 2007 Suffolk Coastal Floaters 40.48km
Alvin Russell Keith Reynolds 1978
UKNXCL RBygott kevin Polley 1994
UKNXCL Pilot Kim Tipple 1987
UKNXCL RBygott Luke Nicol 2015
British Open Luke Nicol 2015
Keith Cockcroft Luke Nicol 2015
UKNXCL Pilot Malcolm Beard 2011
UKNXCL Pilot Malcolm Beard 2009
UKNXCL RBygott Malcolm Beard 2009
UKNXCL Pilot Malcolm Brown 2013
UKNXCL RBygott Malcolm Brown 2007
UKNXCL Club Malvern (Aerotow) 2018 2795.01 points Neville Almond : Carl Wallbank : Rob Dowdell : Bill Bell
UKNXCL Club Malvern Aerotow 2019 3223.87pts Collins Nick : Almond Neville : Smith Jason : Wallbank Carl
Keith Cockcroft Mark Bosher 2004
Presidents Mark Dale 2000 Services
Presidents Mark Dale 1994 214 kms
Presidents Mark Woodhams 2020 Services to BHPA
Alvin Russell Michael Carnet 1987
Alvin Russell Michael Carnet 1984
Alvin Russell Michael Stephens 1994
British Open Mike Stephens 2002
British Open Mike stephens 1993
Jim Taggart Mike Stephens 2003
Keith Cockcroft Miles Davidson. 1998
Presidents Neville Almond 2004 Services
Presidents Nick Pain 1999 254.21 Km
UKNXCL Pilot Nick Pain 2002
UKNXCL Pilot Nick Pain 1994
UKNXCL Pilot Nick Pain 1988
UKNXCL RBygott Nick Pain 2002
Keith Cockcroft Nicky Hamilton 1994
Percy Moss Niki Hamilton 1997
UKNXCL DLoxely Not awarded 1987 - -
UKNXCL DLoxely Not Awarded 1986 - -
Keith Cockcroft Not awarded 2020 Corona virus
Jim Taggart Not awarded 2020 Corona virus
Alvin Russell Not awarded 2020 Corona virus
British Open Not awarded 2020 Corona virus
Keith Cockcroft Not Awarded 2019
Keith Cockcroft Not awarded 2013
Keith Cockcroft Not awarded 2008
Keith Cockcroft Not Awarded 1997
UKNXCL Club Notts Aerotow 2013 Malcolm Brown Steve Leeman Richard Lovelace Nick Pain
UKNXCL Club Notts Aerotow 2005 Chris Ashman Malcolm Brown Ian Slater Gary Wirdnam
UKNXCL Club Notts Aerotow 2004 Chris Ashman Nick Pain Malcolm Brown Ian Slater
UKNXCL Club Notts Aerotow 2003 Chris Ashman Malcolm Brown Simon Ferrier Nick Pain
UKNXCL Club Notts Aerotow 2002 Nick Pain Chris Ashman Malcolm Brown Gary Wirdnam
UKNXCL Club Notts Aerotow 2000 Chris Ashman Gary Wirdnam Nick Pain Malcolm Brown
UKNXCL Club Notts Aerotow 1997 Chris Ashman Nick Pain Gary Wirdnam Malcolm Brown
UKNXCL Club Notts Aerotow 1996 Malcolm Brown Justin Needham Gary Wirdnam Barry Williams
Keith Cockcroft Oliver Moffatt 1995
Keith Cockcroft Ollie Chitty 2014
UKNXCL Pilot P D Hargreaves 1984
UKNXCL Pilot P D Hargreaves 1983
UKNXCL Pilot P D Hargreaves 1982
Presidents Patrick Laverty 1986 135 miles
Presidents Paul Dancy 2016 Services
Presidents Pete Coad 2013 Services
UKNXCL DLoxely Pete Coad 1990 Kernow 46.84miles
Presidents Peter Hargreaves 1985 132 miles
Alvin Russell Peter Harvey 1993
UKNXCL DLoxely Phil Chettleburgh 2006 Suffolk Coastal Floaters 58.13km
UKNXCL DLoxely Phil Chettleburgh 2003 Suffolk Coastal Floaters 67.49km
UKNXCL DLoxely Phil Chettleburgh 2002 Suffolk Coastal Floaters 46.53km
UKNXCL DLoxely Phil Chettleburgh 1998 North Norfolk 51.05km
UKNXCL DLoxely Phil Chettleburgh 1997 North Norfolk 51.01km
UKNXCL Pilot R Bailey 1981
UKNXCL Pilot R Bailey 1980
UKNXCL DLoxely Richard Hunt 2020 46km Suffolk
UKNXCL DLoxely Richard Hunt 2016 Suffolk Coastal Floaters 57.65km
UKNXCL DLoxely Richard Hunt 2009 Suffolk Coastal Floaters 46.67km
UKNXCL DLoxely Richard Hunt 2004 Suffolk Coastal Floaters 50.36km
Alvin Russell Richard Lovelace 2005
UKNXCL DLoxely Richard Morley 2005 Suffolk Coastal Floaters 44.90km
Presidents Rick Wilson 1988 Services
Keith Cockcroft Rob Gregg 2011
Presidents Robert Bailey 1979 60 miles
Presidents Robert Bailey 1978 ?9 miles
Presidents Robert Bailey 1977 24 miles
Alvin Russell Robert Whittal 1988
UKNXCL Pilot Robin Rhodes 1992
UKNXCL Pilot Robin Rhodes 1990
UKNXCL Pilot Robin Rhodes 1986
UKNXCL DLoxely Rona Webb 2000 Norfolk 57.81km
UKNXCL DLoxely Rona Webb 1991 Norfolk 49.24 miles
Keith Cockcroft Sam Hull-Bailey 2003
UKNXCL Club SE Wales 1993 Mike Scholes Jes Flynn Andrew Strange Kelvin Mason
UKNXCL Club SE Wales 1985 J Flynn D le Roux J Ganderton P Haines
British Open Shaun Kimberly 1998
UKNXCL Club Sheffield 1986 S Hudson J Needham G Vaughan L Hull
Presidents Simon Ferrier 2005 162km
UKNXCL DLoxely Simon Twiss 1993 Suffolk Coastal Floaters 48.62miles
UKNXCL Club Sky Surfers 2012 Tim King Neville Almond Anthony Stephens Bruce Kavanagh
UKNXCL Club Sky Surfers 2011 Neville Almond Bruce Kavanagh Tim King Anthony Stephens
UKNXCL Club Sky Surfers 2010 Anthony Stephens Bruce Kavanagh Tim King Neville Almond
UKNXCL Club Sky Surfers 2009 Neville Almond Bruce Kavanagh Anthony Stephens Tim King
UKNXCL Club Southern 2016 Kosaka Takatoshi - Nicol Luke- Matthews Dave -Townsend Chris
UKNXCL Club Southern 2015 Kosaka Takatoshi Nicol Luke Matthews Dave Carr Johnny
UKNXCL Club Southern 2014 Kosaka Takatoshi Nicol Luke Matthews Dave Harvey Paul
UKNXCL Club Southern 2007 Steve Cook Dave Mathews Will Greenwood Richard Lever
UKNXCL Club Southern 2006 Steve Cook Dave Matthews Steve Marnier Johnny Carr
UKNXCL Club Southern 1999 Steve Cook Ron Richardson Austin Haines Dave Matthews
UKNXCL Club Southern 1998 Ron Richardson Steve Cook Johnny Carr Austin Haines
Presidents Steve Blackler 2017 193.86
UKNXCL DLoxely Steve Blackler 2018 Suffolk coastal floaters 93.36 km
UKNXCL DLoxely Steve Blackler 2017 Suffolk Coastal Floaters 145.83km
UKNXCL DLoxely Steve Blackler 2015 Suffolk Coastal Floaters 85.31
UKNXCL DLoxely Steve Blackler 2014 Suffolk Coastal Floaters 100.56km
UKNXCL DLoxely Steve Blackler 2013 Suffolk Coastal Floaters 80.7km
UKNXCL Pilot Steve Blackler 2018 1170.01 points
UKNXCL Pilot Steve Blackler 2017
Keith Cockcroft Steve Blackler 2006
Alvin Russell Steve Cook 1999
Keith Cockcroft Steve Gill 2001
UKNXCL RBygott Steve Leeman 2013
UKNXCL Pilot Steven Blacker 2021 1169pts
UKNXCL DLoxely Steven Blacker 2021 78.1km Cambridge Aerotow
UKNXCL Pilot Steven Blackler 2019 733.32 points
Presidents Steven Elkins 2018 Services
Presidents Terry Prendergast 1990 Services
UKNXCL Club Thames Valley 1995 David Draper Kevin Ramm Gerry Pack Neville Almond
UKNXCL Club Thames Valley 1992 David Draper Kevin Ramm Neville Almond Jason Prior
UKNXCL Club Thames Valley 1991 David Draper Jerry Pack Neville Almond Kevin Ramm
UKNXCL Club Thames Valley 1991 Jes Flynn David Draper Kevin Ramm Nev Almond
UKNXCL Club Thames Valley 1990 Jes Flynn David Draper Kevin Ramm Nev Almond
UKNXCL Club Thames Valley 1988 Kim Tipple David Draper Colin Graham Jason Prior
UKNXCL Club Thames Valley 1987 Kim Tipple Nev Almond David Draper Alan Eckton
Keith Cockcroft Tim Swait 2017
Keith Cockcroft Tony Fillingham 2021
British Open Tony Stephens 2010
Jim Taggart Tony Stephens 2010
Presidents Unassigned 1992 -
Presidents Unassigned 1987
British Open Unknown 1997
Presidents Walter Neumark 1996 Services
Keith Cockcroft Wayne Thompson 2005
Keith Cockcroft Wendy Patterson 2002