RAeC Awards

Nominee Year Award Type Citation
Maj Jennifer Buck 2016 BRONZE Medal
John Lovell 2016 BRONZE Medal
Alan Horsfield 2016 CERTIFICATE OF MERIT
Tony and Rona Webb 2015 ANN WELCH MEMORIAL AWARD–
Martin Heywood 2015 BRONZE Medal

non available

Noel Whittall 2015 BRONZE Medal

non available

Adrian Thomas 2014 SILVER Medal

none available

Richard Carter 2013 SILVER Medal
Russell Ogden 2013 SILVER Medal
2013 World Championship Team (HG) 2013 The Britannia Trophy

HG Team GB austrailia. citation not available

Johnny Carr 2012 SILVER Medal

 Johnny Carr was one of the early participants sport of Hang Gliding in the 1970’s and has been one of the UK’s leading pilots com

John Aldridge 2012 FAI Companion of Honour

John Aldridge, a retired army officer, started flying hang gliders in 1984 and went on to fly paragliders at the start of the new millennium.