13: Complaints and protests

As per General Section and Section 7A-7.

  1. Deadlines for complaints If the provisional results are published before 10 pm, complaints must be submitted before 8:30 am the next day.
  2. If the provisional results are published after 10 pm, complaints must be submitted before 12 pm the next day.
  3. The time of the publication of results is the time the results are posted on the results page of the website.
  4. Final day deadline will be 1 hour after publication of results
  5. The protest fee is £25

08 Selection and Requirements

Eligibility criteria

  1. All UK entrants must be
    1. current flying members of the BHPA
    2. Minimum of ​Pilot rated 
    3. If UK based, members of the BHPA club in the area they usually fly.
  2. To gain WPRS points pilots should have an FAI license
  3. Foreign applicants must hold a minimum pilot rating of Pilot or its equivalent. For pilots holding a qualification awarded by another nation’s hang gliding association this must be at least equivalent to the international Safepro 4 standard. An FAI IPPI card may be required as proof of this.
  4. All foreign pilots in Open Series competitions must provide proof of 3rd party liability insurance 
  5. The Competitions Panel reserves the right to refuse entry to a pilot, subject to appeal.

2 Selection Criteria