British Open Series - ROUND 2

BOS Round 2 quickly approaches after a very enjoyable BOS Round 1. 

This message includes:

  • Details about the British Open Series and how to register for BOS Round 2 if you have not already done so.  If you have registered but not yet paid please do so as soon as possible.  
  • Information about the BOS Challenge and how to join in either supported by a coach or as a free flier if you are current and already hold a Pilot rating.  
  • T-SHIRTS - How to order additional BOS 2023 T-Shirts
  • Telegram Groups 
  • Social events


BOS Challenge

  • When you register for the Challenge choose Hang Gliding CLASS 2 for the discipline.
  • If you are pilot rated and are current, you can join the BOS Challenge as a free flier for the 5 days.  We ask everyone to register to ensure we have full details of everyone on the hill during the event. Take your log book and BHPA card.  Cost is £10 towards site costs.
  • If you are Club pilot rated with a minimum of 10 hours you can enter the Challenge and be supported by a coach on the Saturday or Sunday.  The main aim will be to get you flying but this will ultimately depend on sites and conditions.  When flying is not a safe option, alternative coaching support will be organised - there is plenty to learn from the ground at such events. 
    Anyone with less than 10 hours will be welcome but may need to have someone there who knows you and your flying level before you can fly.  
    Log books and BHPA card required.
  • Those coming for the BOS Challenge are asked to also complete the 
    BOS23 Expression of Interest Form which gives us additional information about your flying experience to help us to provide the best support.  (You can ignore any of the sections that are not relevant - the form was designed for initial general info.)
  • Any queries feel free to contact me on 07876683987 or email

Note: I have had several people get in touch asking about the Challenge in the last few days.  As we need to know who needs support BEFORE the event you must register for the Challenge in advance.  Numbers may have to be limited depending on coach availability so if you are interested please register and pay ASAP.


  • A BOS 2023 T-shirt is included for all pilots registered for Class 1, Class 5 and Club Class. They have already been issued to BOS 1 entrants who ordered before 25 May.  Those registering after that date will be included in the next order which will be sent in after 4pm on Thursday 22 June (this week!). 
  • COST -  The cost per T-shirt is £20 however discount of £5 is available to those actively supporting the event as well as those registered for the supported BOS Challenge weekend.
  • The following form should be used for any additional T-shirt orders including orders for BOS Challenge entrants. 

Telegram Groups 

There are two key telegram groups (as well as another for the retrieve system).  Please ensure that you get on to both key groups as soon as possible.  You need to be invited by someone on the group.  If you have a problem with this please email 
The key groups are BOS Official and BOS Scurrilous.

Social Events

Plans are provisional (except for Tuesday meal) and subject to weather and flying sites for the day but the intentions are as follows

  • Saturday evening - A musical jam session at the campsite by the tents with some beers to allow new pilots can meet others and have fun.  Musicians bring along an instrument.  We may also organise some food options but this will be decided on the day.
  • Sunday evening - possible flying talks/coaching session
  • Tuesday evening - The competition meal will be based at the campsite.  Further details and a BOS 2 Tuesday meal booking form will be issued soon. 
    Look out for the form.

Looking forward to seeing you at BOS 2