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There is a section on Rewards for Coaches under BOS EVENTS - NON-COMPETITIVE as we will be reliant on getting volunteer coaches to help Club Pilots to enable them to fly.

Some additional information will follow soon, including:

  • How to Enter
  • Site information
  • Guide to Newcomers to Competition


6 March - If you have not already done so please submit the BOS23 Expression of Interest Form.  We will be using the information in this form to make decisions about what we will be able to afford to do for the various aspects of BOS this year.  

15 March - If you plan to stay at Street Head Caravan Site for BOS 1 then complete the booking form ON OUR WEBSITE to secure a priority place. 
They currently have a waiting list for our dates and will fill places we have not booked by 15 March from their waiting list from 16 March.  This is particularly important for caravans and campervans and tents looking for electric.

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