05 - BOS EVENTS - NON COMPETITIVE IreneC Fri, 17/02/2023 - 17:49

This section includes information about:

  • The BOS Challenge Weekends
  • The BOS End of Season Fly-in
  • Rewards for Coaches who may be able to help

Please note that while these events are not competitive, they can be scored for interest and practice.

If you have any questions about these events feel free to contact us on hgcompspanel@gmail.com


05-1 - BOS CHALLENGE IreneC Fri, 17/02/2023 - 17:50


The BOS Challenge Weekends are new for 2023 and will run alongside the British Open Series (BOS) Competitions, on the Saturday and Sunday only.  While the Challenge Weekends target Club Pilots, higher rated pilots who are not interested in competition are also welcome to participate.  We hope to be able to provide Coach Support for Club Pilots with more than 10 hours airtime and other pilots with a lack of currency who would like support.  


  • BOS 1: Base - Yorkshire Dales - Streethead Caravan Site 
                   Competition Dates:
    Sat 10 June to Wed 14 June
    Challenge  Weekend: Sat 10 and Sun 11 June
  • BOS 2 - Base - Wales - Fforest Fields Caravan Site
    Competition Dates: Sat 1 July to Wed 5 July
                   Challenge Weekend: Sat 1 and Sunday 2 July

What to expect at a BOS Challenge Weekend?

  • Enjoy flying for fun with others
  • Benefit from coordinated transport between take off and bottom landing.
  • Participate in personal challenges to improve flying skills in a supportive environment
  • Learn by listening to, watching and/or flying with more experienced pilots
  • Fly different sites
  • Make contacts with pilots from different areas of the country
  • Learn more about the use of instruments for navigation and competition
  • Join any talks or development session organised on non-flying days.
  • Enjoy the social side of events with the friendly and supportive hang gliding community
  • Enjoy discounted rates at the competition campsites not only for the challenge days but also for the remaining week.
  • Purchase BOS mementos e.g. T-shirts at a discounted price 

Who can participate and how much does it cost?

BOS Challenge and End of Season Fly-in

Open to BHPA members who hold a rating as follows:

  • Pilot rating or above with currency in last 2 years
    Cost per event - £10 entry fee to each event to contribute toward site costs etc.
  • Club Pilot +10 hours and low-air time/low-currency pilots wanting support.  Early application is recommended as places may have to be limited depending on the number of volunteer coaches available. Log Book required. 
    The coach(es) providing support may decide that conditions or site are not suitable for your experience or currency level. All participants are expected to accept the advice of coaches.
    Cost per event - £35 entry fee to each event to contribute toward coach expenses and transport between Take Off and Landing.
  • Club Pilot less than 10 hours are welcome to attend, but to fly they may need to be supported by someone who knows them well. Log Book required if hoping to fly.  ​Please be aware, the coach on site may decide that conditions or site are not suitable for your experience or level of currency. All participants are expected to accept the advice of coaches.
    Cost - Nil  (If attending with own supporter, please contribute toward their expenses)

Requirements for Entry to BOS Challenge:

  • All Entrants: BHPA Membership card or digital membership
  • Club Pilots or others wanting support:  Log Book or other evidence of experience.  

BOS Challenge - Social Events

Saturday Evening - Campsite Get-together

  • What to expect: An informal social gathering at the campsite is planned for the Saturday evening of each BOS Challenge.  This is a good opportunity to meet new pilots and other campers.  
    This will probably be based around a fire pit with some beers and music.  Depending on numbers, some food may be organised with the cost being shared between those opting in.
  • Music:  Arrangements will be made for music to be played on a speaker, so bring a playlist if you want. 
    Live music would be great! There are a number of musicians amongst you. If you are one, please bring along an instrument if you can and join other musicians for a bit of fun.  Music will finish by 10pm as we need to be quiet in the campsites after that time.
  • Bad Weather Alternative: In the event of weather making a campsite based event difficult, a local pub may be chosen as an alternative.

If staying longer than the weekend:

Tuesday Evening - BOS Meal: BOS Challenge entrants who wish to stay longer than the weekend, are welcome to join the BOS Meal at a subsidised rate.




05-2 - BOS END OF SEASON FLY-IN IreneC Fri, 17/02/2023 - 17:51


This event information has been updated and updated details can be found here:

The End of Season Fly-in is an opportunity for pilots to get together to enjoy some flying at the end of the season. The Fly-in  is open to all.  

We hope that some Club Coaches will volunteer to support any Club Pilots who wish to attend.

While it is a non-competitive Fly-in, there is no reason why those keen on competition don't organise a competitive task for those who want to join in.  There could also be scoring for interest and practice.


  • End of Season Fly-in: Base - Yorkshire Dales - Streethead Caravan Site 
    Fly-in Dates:  Sat 9 to Mon 11 September

In the event of additional scoring days being required for the BOS Championship, the Saturday and Sunday of this event will be used as additional competition days.  The Monday will not normally be used for an additional scoring day to avoid it being disadvantageous to pilots who cannot stay longer. 

Social Events

We plan to book the Street Head Inn for a meal the evening of Sunday 10 September at a subsidised cost for entrants and supporters.  Depending on the weather we may organise an informal get together at the caravan site on the Saturday evening.

Cost of the Fly-in is as detailed below:

  • £10 for Pilot rated entrants who are current in last two years or
  • £35 for Club Pilots who are not accompanied by someone who can take responsibility for them.

BOS End of Season Fly-in with Additional Scoring Days
If Additional Scoring Days are required this will increase costs for competitors.  The decision on the entry fee for the additional competition days will be decided after BOS 2. The final cost to competitors will depend on the remaining budget and the anticipated costs, however the entry fee for the Additional Scoring Days are expected to be no more than:

  • £40 - for pilots who have entered at least one BOS Round during 2023
  • £70 - for pilots who have have not previously entered a BOS during 2023

In the event of additional scoring days being required, information about how to enter will be advised as soon as possible after BOS 2.