British Open

British Open Trophy
Awarded to the Winner of the British Open Series Open Competition.

The Open is a distinct competition within the British Open Series of Competitions. Its origins are historical.
Once apon a time, there was "The League". This was a series of competitions, and Pilots where invited to participate in them..
One of these competitions was designated the "Open" as it was Open to all pilots that qualified, not just those that where invited. After a while the "League" system was changed, and it became the British Open Series. It was called the British Open Series as it was based on the British Open competition held within the "League" series of competitions. ie, anyone could enter as long as they held the correct qualifications.
So, now we have, once a year, The British Open Series Open Competition, held within the British Open series of competitions. The participation rules for this competition are no different from those of the British Open Series.