uknxcl info

For many, many years the Hang gliding XC league has been managed for Phil Chettleburgh who was also for many years our competitions scorer. Phil has stood down as scorer and is now passing on control of the hang gliding XC league to others.
We owe Phil a massive debt of gratitude for all his excellent work over the years.

We are grateful to Phils son Robbie Chettleburgh for continued ongoing support of the UKNCL database.

If any of you entering flights this winter,  they should still be registering normally.
Until the website is updated we ask that you do not email Phil or ask him to confirm any declared tasks from now on. We will be introducing a new system for declaring flights soon in the new year. Until then they can be declared as a task in the more advanced instruments and that will still work automatically.
To begin with, some of us from the competitions panel will oversee any issues with the UKNXCL but we invite stakeholders, those of you who are keen competitors, to come forward with any help you can offer to keep things running smoothly. Previously the XC league was never a responsibility of the Competitions Panel.

We reserve the right to make some detail changes until March 1st 2023, even though technically the season is already running from November 2022.