British Open Series Round 1 - ONLY 2 WEEKS TO GO!

COMING SOON - BOS Round 1: Saturday 27 April - Wed 1 May - Crickhowell. South Wales

The BOS events are not only about competition, they are open to all pilots holding a BHPA Club Pilot Rating or higher as follows.

  • The BOS Challenge is aimed at pilots holding a Club Pilot Rating as others with low currency looking for a bit of support.  We have secured the services of two BHPA Club Coaches for each round of the BOS this year.
  • There are 3 competition classes for those holding a Pilot Rating or above:  Class 1, Class 5 and Club Class.

For more information check out the hgcomps website where links to all published information are available.

If you are thinking about participating please register soon.  A detailed overview of all BOS 2024 Rounds, including links to the CIVL websites to register and a Newcomers Guide to Competitions is available here:  BOS 2024 - Detailed overview for all BOS Rounds



  • All meals must be pre-ordered by 6pm on Monday 22 April using this booking form.  BOS 1 Meal Booking Form
  • The cost of the main meal for BOS 1 is included in the registration fee for all pilots who have registered and paid by 17 April. 
    Meals may be available for later registrations, but pilots must telegram or phone Irene Carson directly to request this.
  • A discount on the cost of the meal is available for officials and retrieve drivers who are prepared to participate in the co-ordinated retrieve service on each flying day.


The following information has been pulled together to help ensure smooth retrieves. Please take time to read this.   BOS 2024 COMPETITIONS RETRIEVE SYSTEM

The T-shirts have already been ordered for confirmed pilot entries (apart from BOS Challenge) and are included in the cost of registration.  Later entrants will get a T-shirt with a later order. 
The following order form allows BOS Challenge pilots and others to order a BOS 2024 T-shirt.  The design and cost is included in the form.  BOS 2024 T-SHIRT ORDER FORM

TO FOLLOW:  Sites Information and Waypoints Files are currently being checked.  They will be published as soon as possible.

QUERIES? - Any queries contact or Telegram to Irene Carson.