British Hang Gliding competitions 2021

 2020 was a difficult year and 2021 may yet prove to be the same.

The competitions panel are seeking to have as many competitions as possible this year but with travel ,meeting and flying restrictions it is difficult to plan with any certainty.

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FAI will be holding their plenary in the first week of February so this will help plan our competitions IF we know if the Worlds in Macedonia 18th to 30th July will be run ( at present it will go ahead). If cancelled we will be able to hold the BOS later in the year.

British Open Series We are intending to have 3 rounds held over 5 days at our usual bases.

  • 1st round at Crickhowell, South Wales in early May 2021
  • 2nd round Hawes,Yorkshire in June 2021
  • 3rd round Long Mynd Shropshire August 2021

As of 21st January the 1st round may already be cancelled or postponed as recreational flying is not permitted until 31st March.

UKNXCL The league will open when recreational flying is permitted so please take advantage of every opportunity to fly and practice when you can.

British Nationals We have been in contact with the French authorities and are hoping to have the British Nationals at Larangne, France 15th to 21st August . Details will be released as soon as we have them and permissions and travel is permitted.


World Championships Macedonia Class 1 and 5. The competition organisers in Macedonia believe they will be able to run a competition and have requested competitor info from the NAC.

Its a fantastic place to fly but travel there may be more difficult than it has been in the past. It may also be cancelled or impossible to get to. If you understand all the risks and problems involved in entering this competition then Individual entries for the teams of 6 class 1 pilots and 3 class 5 pilots are invited by email to me Tim King or Phil Chett

There may also be places for individuals subject to numbers of overall entrants . Selection of the team ( and any individuals for additional places) will be made following the usual criteria at a panel meeting following the FAI plenary meeting but not before end February. Please let us know how many pilots are interested in attending this event. All events are subject to change and alteration due to Covid restrictions. We will endeavour to notify pilots at the earliest opportunity.

Best Regards
Tim King
British Hang Gliding Competitions Panel