Thanks for your patience!

Thanks to Katie Tracey for the banner photos.

DISCOUNT DEADLINE REMINDER: You are reminded that if entering both events then the price is significantly less if you register on or before 1 May.


  • Hang Gliding Class 1 Sport is to be used for Club Class Entries
  • Hang Gliding Class 2 is to be used for registration for all non-competitive entries

If you have previously registered for a CIVL event:  log in and the process should be straightforward. 

If you do not already have a CIVL account:   here are some tips:

  • Choose the "Registration" link and follow the instructions.
  • Once you have a CIVL ID you can register for the BOS competitions.  

A couple of points to note during the registration process:

  • The system will ask you for a "participant number".  Choose any number you like, for example a number on your wing if you have one.  The system will tell you if that number has been taken; choose a different one.
  • The system requires you to enter your insurance details.  For British pilots "NHS" will do in the "Insurance company" field, and "123" will do for a number.
  • For licence numbers etc use your BHPA number.  
  • If you do not have an FAI id - click on get FAI id then 'continue without'.  If doing this on a phone you may need to resize to see the box.
  • If your glider is not listed, choose something similar - not important for BOS
  • You only need to complete the essential sections (unless you want to add more)

If you have difficulties registering: Email - and I will try to help you out. (Irene)

Once registered:

  • You will show as on the waiting list
  • Your status will change once payment has been confirmed. 
    (This may not be immediate so please be patient).