British Hang-gliding Competition Panel Vacancies

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  DEADLINE: 1st October 2021

Two of our valued competition panel members and our scorer have announced a decision to retire from the competition panel.

The panel would like to thank Tim King for 12 years service on the panel and Phil Chettleburgh for     over 10 years as our scorer. Both have given a large commitment to British hang-gliding and have    conducted a multitude of other competition related tasks.

Additionally the panel would like to thank Jenny Buck who has not only been a panel member but has done an excellent job directing our national competitions for a number of years. Jenny will continue meet directing but must retire from the panel in order to become our BHPA representative.

This leaves us with vacancies for two panel members and a scorer.

The competition panel has a number of duties and as a member you would be expected to contribute to some of the following tasks:

  • Attending panel meetings via Zoom (as and when required, usually no more than one a month)

  • Attending annual panel meeting in person

  • Selection of British Team members

  • Deciding dates / locations of competitions

  • Organising the British Nationals

  • Organising British Open Series rounds

  • Organising access to Met information

  • Appointing scorers

  • Appointing safety committee

  • Writing local competition rules

  • Securing trophies

  • Securing gifts / T shirts

  • Organising meals during competitions

  • Selecting individuals for awards

  • Appointing meet directors

  • Appointing team manager where applicable

  • Decisions on budget allocation

  • Arrange NOTAMS / CANP for competitions

  • Filling roles of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary

Panel members are expected to serve for two years

If more than the two volunteers are received, then pilots who participate in the BOS / Nationals will be given a vote as to who to elect to the panel.

Expressions of interest for panel members and scorer to Darren Brown at