12 Scoring

Scoring Categories 1ST 2ND 3RD
Class 1 Y Y Y
Class 5 Y    
Female Class 1 Y    


  1. All scoring is carried Out using the latest FAI FScomp system with the option to revert to a previous version in the event of newly found bugs.
  2. For instruments that cannot be downloaded via GPSdump, igc files are required.
  3. Your GPS must be 3D, preferably with Barograph pressure,
  4. We happy to receive tracks via email as long as they are
    1. sent "asap", after landing,
    2. Are in "igc" format 
    3. g record intact.
    4. The pilot is easily identifiable
  5. If possible we will use tracks via LT24. We will endeavour to send you by txt your distance and start time.
  6. The quicker you get your GPS back to the scoring room, the quicker we can get some scores generated.
  7. We aim to get scores published by 10pm
  8. Parameters: these are fixed and to be used throughout the Series


Parameter Setting Parameter Setting
Gap 2020 Nominal Distance 45 km
Activating Distance 15km Nominal Time 1.5
GPS Datum WGS 84 Nominal Launch 0.96
Minimun Distance 10km Nominal Goal 0.3
use distance points yes use Time points yes
use departure points no use leading points yes
use arrival position points yes use arrival time points no