Competition Entry Requirements

  • All UK Pilots: Must be current BHPA members with a minimum rating of Pilot. 
  • Non-UK based pilots: Must hold a minimum pilot rating of Pilot or its equivalent. For pilots holding a qualification awarded by another nation’s hang gliding association this must be at least equivalent to the International Safepro 4 standard. An FAI IPPI card may be required as proof of this.
  • All Pilots: Will be required to use a suitable GPS or combined GPS/instrument for scoring purposes - 3d track log recorded as IGC file is recommended. 
    An instrument that records barometric and GPS altitude is to be preferred.
    If you can please work out a way to send in your igc file by email from your phone after you land. This saves a lot of time scoring the day.
    There are many phone apps that will record an igc while you fly, such as Richard Hunts "tracker" on android. This makes it easy to email in your track log.  https://mycloudbase.com/tracker/download.htm
  • The scoring program we use takes the track log from your GPS, to produce the results. You must have your own instrument, and know how to use it, especially in respect to turn-points (waypoints).
    If you need to get the track log from an instrument that needs its own special lead, be sure to bring the lead with you.
  • Though we try to avoid doing so, you may be required to enter a new waypoint invented on the hill, using coordinates supplied on the day. These will be in the format: DDD, MM.MMM, so prepare your instrument in this format
  • Radios: Competition pilots are recommended to fly with a Radio.  Information about the safety channel will be provided at the initial briefing.

At its February meeting, the Competitions Panel decided that, for a number of reasons, the 2023 BOS competitions will not be registered for CIVL Category 2 status.  The reasons behind the decision are detailed in the “Category 2 Reasoning” paper available here.