03: Club Class

  1. The aim of the Club Class is to offer a meaningful competition for pilots who are nearly or completely new to hang gliding competitions, run alongside the main event. The tasks set will be simple and more easily achieved, and will give new pilots a stress-free introduction to competitions.
  2. This will help them make the transition to the full open series and learn cross-country skills in a suitable environment.
  3. A top Pilot will be commissioned to act as mentor, and will be available to offer advice and coaching for the tasks throughout the weekend.In addition, there will be a series of lectures from top pilots should the weather prove inclement, or after flying if the forecast is good. There will also be a retrieve system in place with a dedicated driver and vehicle, other than your entry fee you will  be required to make a contribution to fuel costs
  4. Who can enter? All entrants must be pilot rated (to allow them to go XC) and be new, or relatively new to the British Open Series. Entrants do not need a ‘hot ship’ to compete – king posted gliders will probably be the norm, but there is no restriction on flying a topless,, although a 10% handicap will be applied..If your name is Christo you will be allowed to fly a rigid with a handycap of 20%
  5. A 2mtr radio, obviously a vario, and a 3d GPS are required. 
  6. Do not confuse the Club class with the FAI Sports class.  Club class is not an FAI recognised class, and therefore not recognisable for WPRS points. 
  7. Scoring parameters 
param   FS Setting  
gap 2020
min distance 5km
Activating Distance 5km
Nominal Distance 20km
Nominal Time 1
Nominal Launch 0,96
Nominal Goal 0,3
use distance points 1
use Time points 1
use departure points 0
use leading points 1
use arrival position points 1
use arrival time points 0