01: General Introduction

  1. A flexible and accessible series of UK based national competitions, that includes a Rigid (class V) Class , Flexwing (Classs 1) and Club Class, for those pilots who wish to move up, but are not yet ready to commit themselves fully to national championship level. You will find pilots from this level right up to national squad level taking part in these friendly comps.
  2. There are usually three comps per annum. Usually held over five days in various parts of the Country. SE Wales and Mid Wales. The other meet could be either in the Peaks, Dales or even Scotland, depending on representations.
  3. The series is based on the popular British Open model rather than the old League and is totally UK based. Pilots can choose to enter one or more comp but do not have to commit themselves right from the start, however there may be a discount for pilots who do so.
  4. Series trophies will be awarded at the end of the competition/s
  5. The British Open Series individual competitions will have winners trophies in all FAI classes that have a minimum of five competitors. There will also be day prizes, not just for task winners but for other good performances. There will also be Series trophies which will be awarded on each eligible pilot’s 6 highest scoring tasks, scaled down to a maximum of 500 points each, from all Series meetings competed at. Champions Trophies will be awarded for the series with the superb Jim Taggart Trophy going to the Series Class 1 champion. This will allow pilots to make a judgement on attendance based on weather/distance/work/family etc without totally blowing their chances. Pilots can choose to do part-comps e.g. just the B/H days.
  6.  Eligibility for entry to series meets is current BHPA membership with a minimum rating of Pilot. Although not strictly necessary a FAI Sporting Licence is strongly recommended.
  7.  All Pilots will be required to use a 3d enabled GPS for scoring purposes. The scoring program we use takes the track log from your GPS, to produce the results. You are strongly recommended to have your own, and know how to use it, especially in respect to turn-points (waypoints).