01-1 BOS 2023 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

01-1 BOS 2023 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) IreneC Sun, 12/03/2023 - 12:35

BOS 2023 - FAQs

Based on questions which have been asked about the proposals for BOS 2023, we have created this FAQ document which will be updated as further questions arise.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted the Expression of Interest Form which has contributed to many of the questions raised.  These returns have been really helpful for planning purposes. 
Pilots entering the BOS Challenge are asked to complete this form as well as registering for the event as it will provide us with additional information about your experience and currency which is needed by the coach.




Registration for the FLY-In will be available after BOS 2

  • If you do not already have a CIVL ID you will need to register for one.  Once you do that it will take you into the registration form for the event.  
  • You will be asked for your FAI ID - if you do not have one click on the GET FAI ID button, then click on CONTINUE WITHOUT FAI ID.
  • You also need to enter a number (any number will do)
  • National number = BHPA number
  • Insurance - BHPA will do
  • Glider - if your glider is not listed - choose any

EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST RETURN:  Expression of Interest Form

Why have we been asked to complete an Expression of Interest Form this year?

  • With reduced numbers committing, in advance, to BOS over the last few years, it has been difficult for organisers to know what sort of numbers to expect.  While we understand that making an early commitment does not suit everyone, it is important for us to get a good idea of possible numbers as a starting point, as we have a limited budget to work with.  The information in this return allows us to better guess the likely numbers for such things as the BOS meals, T-shirt orders, trophies and the like.  
  • This year in particular, because some of the BOS proposals are new, we wanted to find out if there was an appetite for what we are offering.  Numbers of CPs interested in the BOS Challenge also gives us an idea of the numbers of coaches we might need to support them.
  • Some people tell us they don’t look at social media and often don't hear about things till the last minute.  We have asked people who regularly attend BOS to complete a form even if they know they do not planning to attend this year.  This weekend we will be emailing the regulars who have not submitted a return before 6 March to ensure they have all the information they need to make decisions.

If I have not yet completed a form should I still do so?

  • Yes - the deadlines for return are based around our planning meeting dates.  This form will continue to be available until full registration procedures are advertised.

Should I complete a new form if my return is no longer accurate?

  • Not required, but if there are SIGNIFICANT CHANGES to the events you intend to come to then a new form would be helpful.  If completing a second form please say so in the final comments.


Do I need to book in advance for the campsites?

  • Advance booking is not essential but Street Head Campsite, in particular, is small and there are few alternative campsites close by, so you are strongly advised to book early. 
    Priority booking for Street Head Caravan Park for BOS 1 has now closed.  Further bookings must be made directly with caravan site.  Use 'BOS23' (including quotes) for discount>
    BOS End of Season FLY-IN - Priority booking for the BOS Fly-in (Sept 9-11) is available until 21 May using

    BOS has a block booking for ALL the pitches on the Street Head site but only until 21 May
     after which time the pitches become open to the public.  After 21 May booking should be made direct with the campsite using 'BOS23' (including quotes) for discount.  Caravans and campervans in particular are advised to book early.
  • Fforest Fields is a much larger site, but is very busy at weekends.  Early booking is recommended especially if you want electric hook up.


How are the different events organised?

  • The Competitions are all 5 day events from Saturday to Wednesday.
  • The BOS Challenge is not a competition (though can be scored for interest and practice).  As the main target group for the BOS Challenge is CPs and low currency pilots, BHPA Club Coaches will be available to provide support.  We will not have the capacity to support this mid-week. For this reason, the Challenge events run on Saturday and Sunday only
  • BOS Challenge entrants can free fly on the remaining 3 days if they have appropriate experience for the site and conditions.  This must be negotiated with the Meet Director.
  • Depending on the conditions, the size of the site and the numbers involved, there may be a need to have separate windows for each group, e.g. Challenge pilots may have flying windows before and after the competition windows with some ground based coaching/discussions/observation when the competition window is open. 
  • It may be that the Competition and the Challenge (and possibly Club Class competition) go to different sites.  Decisions about this will be based on conditions and site availability. 
  • Club Class pilots will be consulted about whether or not to move to a different site.

What about the End of Season Fly-in?

  • This is a fun, end of season Fly-in for anyone who wants to come along.  This is a 3 day event from Saturday to Monday. 
  • Unless additional tasks are required for the BOS Championships, there will be no organised competition at the Fly-in.  However, for those who want to compete, there is no reason why informal tasks cannot be set and scored at the Fly-in.
  • If additional competition scoring days are required, Championship tasks will run on the Saturday and Sunday only.
  • There will be an End of Season meal on the Sunday evening.  The cost of this meal will be advertised soon after the end of BOS 2.  Advance booking for the meal will be required.
  • Priority booking for the caravan site is available until 21 May using 


What support is offered to Club Pilots on BOS Challenge Days?

  • We are looking for BHPA Club Coaches to volunteer on the Saturday and/or Sunday to support Club Pilots, low airtime and low currency pilots who are looking for support.  
  • Club Pilots with less than 5 hours need to be accompanied by a pilot who knows them well and who can provide support, otherwise they may not be able to actually fly at an event.  
  • We are also planning to run some coaching talks depending on time available.
  • If you are a Club Pilot and know a coach who might help, please encourage them to get in touch with us.  All current coaches have been contacted by email via the BHPA.

How will volunteer coaches be compensated?


Can I just turn up and free fly during a BOS round?

  • While we cannot stop you from free-flying, we are asking all pilots who wish to fly during a BOS event to register (once registration opens) and pay the appropriate entry fee. 
  • The BOS pays gratuities to landowners, farmers and helpers - all we are asking is for support towards these additional costs.  There is a higher entry fee for CPs which goes towards paying for expenses for volunteer coaches.
    • If Pilot Rated the entry fee per BOS round is £10.
    • If Club Pilot rated, or if you are not current and would like support, the entry fee per event is £35.  
  • Registration allows us to have the details of everyone on the hill at such an event.  This can really help in the event of an accident.