News from the Panel

Dear Hang-gliding Enthusiasts,

This weekend we held the annual British Hang-gliding Competition Panel meeting. This is where decisions are made regarding the next year's competitions, team selection etc.

The panel has several official positions, which have now been filled as follows:

- Chair: Darren Brown

- Vice Chair: Kev Gay

- Secretary: Simon White

- Treasurer: Steve Penfold

The British team for the 2022 European Championships was also selected:

- Grant Crossingham

- Gordon Rigg

- Andy Hollidge

- Carl Wallbank

- Dave Matthews

- Steve Penfold


- Darren Brown

- Steve Blackler

- Malcolm Brown

Additionally we decided what competitions we intend to hold in 2022 and set dates / locations. Please note all this information is PROVISIONAL and is based upon obtaining the relevant permissions and ensuring the necessary organisation is available and in place. I am posting this in order to keep you informed but be aware some of this information (including dates) could change. The panel are now working on putting everything in place in order that we can officially finalise and publish the dates and locations.

British National Championships:

- Local Organiser: Ollie Moffatt

- Location: Laragne, France

- Dates: Sunday 7th August to Saturday 13th August 2022

- The competition is aimed at backing directly onto the French Nationals, which will be held in Aspres, France from 31st July to 6th August 2021. This will give pilots the opportunity to enter both competitions.

British Open Series Round 1:

- Local Organiser: Kev Gay

- Location: Yorkshire Dales

- Dates: Sunday 29th May to Saturday 4th June 2022.

British Open Series Round 2:

- Local Organiser: Jon Sacre

- Location: Builth Wells, Wales

- Dates: Sunday 4th September to Saturday 10th September 2022.

As new chair, I would like to thank all the panel members for their support and efforts over this weekend and in particular to the new panel members, Gordon, Ollie and Nick, who injected new ideas and enthusiasm.

We will keep you informed of any new developments and confirm dates/locations for the competitions as soon as we are able.

Thank you,

Darren Brown


British Hang-gliding Competition Panel

British Hang-gliding Competition Panel Vacancies

panel logo  EMAIL:

  DEADLINE: 1st October 2021

Two of our valued competition panel members and our scorer have announced a decision to retire from the competition panel.

The panel would like to thank Tim King for 12 years service on the panel and Phil Chettleburgh for     over 10 years as our scorer. Both have given a large commitment to British hang-gliding and have    conducted a multitude of other competition related tasks.

BOS 2021 (part Deux)

After an immense amount of work put in by various members of the Panel, and discovering and working around a number of spanners inserted into the works, the Panel are happy to announce details of the second round of the BOS series. There is more info and detail to come, but for now. 

British Open Series  2021 2nd Round

Dates:Sat 04/09/2021  to Friday 10/09/2021


HQ Location:

Fforest Fields, Hundred House, Llandrindod Wells Powys. LD1 5RT



‘For Campsite bookings please email Mrs Katie Bairstow 

British Nationals to be Cancelled.

With to many unknowns and ever changing restrictions it has been decided that the British Nationals to be held in Laragne France are to be cancelled. 

It is anticipated that to replace this a second round of the BOS will be held on the same dates. Further details will follow as soon as possible.

British Nationals 2021 Update

The Nationals are planned for Laragne France 15th to 21st August 2021. We have permissions in place to run the competition.

At present the travel rules from the UK to France require quarantine periods, covid testing, and a night time curfew applies while in France , so unless there is a relaxation a competition would be difficult to hold.

 There will be a panel meeting held during the BOS and a final decision made.

We are looking at options to hold either a nationals in the UK or another round of the BOS as an alternative on these dates or possibly in September. 

Worlds 2021 postponed to 2023

World Championships Macedonia 2021

After many days of consideration, again due to health ,travel quarantine and sporting issues and after most of the major teams withdrew from the competition the event was postponed until 2023

23rd World HG Championships- Update

Over the past few months it would be fair to say that some challenging debates have taken place as wether the 23rd World HG Championships should take place.

We are aware very recently Italy and Brazil have withdrawn from this event.
As of 24th May the UK position has now been established.
Regrettably, but not unexpectedly, the BHPA having taken into consideration all the  perceived obstacles such as, but not limited to insurance,quarantine, heath and sporting issues, decided that a UK Team will not participate in this competition, and have thus decided to withdraw from the 23rd World HG Championships (2021)

BHPA comps panel.